Monday, April 20, 2009

Garden Update/Sunning Diapers

I took my son out in the backyard with me this afternoon and laid him in the shade on a big blanket. It is very warm (I'd say hot, but people from other parts of the county would shake their heads) at 80 degrees outside. It was sunny and beautiful! I revel in this kind of day... but I digress.

So I went outside to sun my son's prefold and all-in-one cloth diapers, hang dry the wipes and bags and covers, and water the garden. Sunning is nature's way of bleaching out stains, and it seems to work quite well! Since my clothesline is in the shade, I laid them down on the lawn.

After I did that, I filled my two-quart-just-like-you-see-at-a-pizza-place pitcher with water from the water spout (where an eensy weensy spider actually lives), and in MANY trips, got my garden watered. We either need to get a hose with a mister head set up back there or buy a real watering can, because that was a bit too inefficient.

Anyhow, when I watered the garden, I noticed that my broccoli, carrots, and bush beans are starting to sprout. The beans haven't broken through yet, I noticed when I accidentally uncovered one with water. But they are there! I was pleased. :)

I picked up my son and showed him around the back yard, pointing out the cat, the bamboo, the shed, the bushes, the raised beds, his diapers, and a garter snake. Yes, a snake! In our little city lot backyard! It was about 18 inches long. Now I have a guess who made the hole in the dirt in the raised bed before we planted. :)

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  1. Sprouts! How exciting. You'll be snacking on those veggies in no time at all!


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