Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I had so much fun today! I found a local group of spinners on, and I had really been wanting to learn how to spin. I PM-ed one of the leaders and asked if I could sit in and watch. She went the next step and got people to bring things for me to learn to hand-spin with! Someone gave me a CD drop spindle kit and showed me how to use it, and gave me a nice fluff of magenta wool to use after I used up the wool in the kit. Another lady showed me how to ply it with itself and set it, and gave me young adult mohair locks and more drum carded fiber to use. I am so excited! It was really fun, and they were such generous, nice ladies that I really look forward to going back and spending more Wednesdays with them. :) Sigh. I love fiber. My son does too, methinks, because watching those ladies and their spinning wheels and watching me were fascinating to him. He also likes to sneakily crawl to my yarn bag at home. I think we have caught him getting into it at least three times, lol. He was a bit cranky today because he was teething, making it hard at times, but I think he will do well at these gatherings when he feels well.

Well, I had better go off to be a good housewife while the little teether still naps. :)


  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself last week! And how nice to have a baby to coo over! Hope we see you again next week!


  2. Shelia is the one that brought you the CD spindle. She has some patterns that are published in books, so you can tell people, you were taught by someone 'famous'. ;-)


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