Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Dose of Fiber

Fibers I got for spinning this Saturday from Woodland Woolworks. We were there to learn about spinning wheels, but so far all we have gotten is fiber and a bit more knowledge. :)
top down: 8oz merino-white, 3oz merino/silk-green, 4oz merino-brown heather

Yarns I got at Farmhouse Knit Shop today. They are going out of business, so everything was 50% off! Jonathan and I went on a walk to visit, since it is so close. Though, I must say, the lack of sidewalk in places made using the stroller a bit difficult! But I had too much to carry to use the sling, diaper bag and all. I got three cotton yarns that I hope to successfully make socks out of.
First, the blue Baby Georgia

And the Lagoon Purl Two

Last, but my favorite, is the Hanora.

This is my first handspun of any significant yardage, worked up into fingerless gloves with a bit of Lion Brand chenille to finish it off, since I didn't have enough of just handspun. I am really happy with these!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Picture Update

Another woolie, this one will be longies with green contrast on the waist and part of the legs

My first sweater! I only chained 1 for the buttonholes, but they still come undone, so I need to tighten it up with a stitch or two of floss or yarn

Happy Face oozy chicken pot pie haha

What sprouting beans look like :) My garden is doing fairly well, but the beans are doing the best!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last night was one of the more difficult nights of being a mom. I had started the diapers in the wash too late, and had to stay up to transfer them to the dryer. But I fell asleep for an hour, only wakened by my crying baby. I fed him and put him back in the crib, moved the diapers to the dryer, got myself ready and settled down to sleep... for one hour. At 3:30 the little man awakened a second time. I brought him to bed with me to feed him, but instead of being his usual polite, sleepy self and eating and falling asleep quickly, he fussed, crawled, chewed, and beat on me for nearly an hour. I think I know what an angry drunken hamster would act like now. lol. It wasn't really funny then, though. I put him in his bouncer next to the bed for self-preservation (he had been hurting me), but he didn't go to sleep. I went to his room and nursed while standing and rocking, and that seemed to finally be working. Until I laid him down and he woke up. He was still restless, but was enough calmer that he starting showing hints of why he was being so odd... I rubbed his gums, and his second tooth has begun breaking through! Aha! I gave him Tylenol and soothing pats, and he finally fell asleep. I got to bed again at 5am, but then needed to destress so I could sleep. He hadn't been like this since he was 2 months old, and my patience in the early AM must have suffered during the next peaceful 5 months. He thankfully slept until 8 something, and B got him for me so I could relax in bed a little longer. :) J is doing better today, and I am ok, though dead tired.

As I was destressing, I got to thinking. I asked myself, "Why did I get so irritated at the unexpected sleep disruption?" I am pretty sure there is nothing in the Bible or the US Constitution that gives the right to 6 or more hours of sleep straight. lol. Not only that, but what is a mom? Coming at motherhood from a Christian perspective, "Mom" is another title for someone who serves another, putting them higher than one's self. Similar to the role of a Christian to the God, the lost, and their brother, the role of a wife to her husband, or the role of a friend to a friend. As Christians, we are even to show care for our enemies! All these roles, when lived right, involve selflessness and sacrifice. So, why was I angry at a baby who turned out to be in pain, a baby who depends on me for everything, a baby I love? I wasn't ready in the moment to be selfless. My servant's heart went to bed with me. I didn't used to understand why it said in Titus 2 for the older women to teach the younger to love their children, but now that I am a mom, I do. When loving means losing sleep, not going to that party because babies aren't welcome, taking all day to get simple chores done, not getting the whole evening to yourself and your spouse, or not having time for your hobbies, it may not sound terribly easy to do anymore.

The crazy thing, though, is that when you do pour youself out for your baby, or others in general, giving up your own "claims", "rights", or even what you previously would have called "needs", you actually find yourself enjoying life with that baby, spouse, friend, etc., more! It lessens the conflict of desires that can embitter the relationship. Just like marriage, where if you put yourself first you are more miserable because inevitably things will not always go how you want, whereas a giving heart promotes peace, so is childrearing. And it makes sense when you look at our Example. God calls us His children, and He loves us so much that He was willing to suffer for us, to sacrifice even His own Son for us! That makes what I had to give last night look paltry indeed.

Working on truly loving my child-Robyn

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rewashable Felted Wool Crocheted Dish Scrubber - Free Pattern!

Tired of tossing away plastic dish scrubbers or ignoring how gross and germy they cetainly are? This felted wool scrubber is easy to make and can be washed with your towels over and over again! Its one little way to Reduce and Reuse. :)

See how little yarn this took? This is what I had left over from my Patons Classic Wool skein when I made a soaker for my son. The hook is a 5mm crochet hook.

1. Chain 17 loosely. SC in 2nd st from hook, SC across for 16 total sts.

2. Ch 1, turn, SC across. Repeat until you have 26 rows.
3. Finish off, weave in ends.
4. Felt it! Note on felting crochet: Crochet shrinks more widthwise (the direction you work the stitches) than lengthwise (the direction the project builds). Hand felting generally does not work nearly as good as machine felting. I just put this in my load of towels when done, a hot wash cold rinse with soap, and tumble dried on medium. :)

Before Felting

After Felting

It may keep getting smaller and thicker as you wash it more, but that is ok because the denser the better for scrubbing!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy Lady!

I have been up to a lot lately, a long weekend trip to my in-laws :) , my sister's birthday, craft projects, and... dun dun dun! finishing up my housekeeping schedule, which I will put into effect today. So I will put up a few pics of my projects and then get to work while baby naps!

Soaker I just finished, lanolizing, and in-progress

Work in Progress-front of my Sonnet-inspired sweater

Masa bag, sewn instead of crocheted

Lavender skirt, the double wedding ring quilt is from my grandma <3

CD drop spindle and the second yarn I have made (now completed)

Headband from...

My first handspun

Baby gift

Changing pad that folds up bag-like