Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy Lady!

I have been up to a lot lately, a long weekend trip to my in-laws :) , my sister's birthday, craft projects, and... dun dun dun! finishing up my housekeeping schedule, which I will put into effect today. So I will put up a few pics of my projects and then get to work while baby naps!

Soaker I just finished, lanolizing, and in-progress

Work in Progress-front of my Sonnet-inspired sweater

Masa bag, sewn instead of crocheted

Lavender skirt, the double wedding ring quilt is from my grandma <3

CD drop spindle and the second yarn I have made (now completed)

Headband from...

My first handspun

Baby gift

Changing pad that folds up bag-like

1 comment:

  1. What does the lanolinizing do to the soaker? I would think it defeats the purpose of using wool, but I read in one of my pattern books to do this to the soaker.


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