Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Dose of Fiber

Fibers I got for spinning this Saturday from Woodland Woolworks. We were there to learn about spinning wheels, but so far all we have gotten is fiber and a bit more knowledge. :)
top down: 8oz merino-white, 3oz merino/silk-green, 4oz merino-brown heather

Yarns I got at Farmhouse Knit Shop today. They are going out of business, so everything was 50% off! Jonathan and I went on a walk to visit, since it is so close. Though, I must say, the lack of sidewalk in places made using the stroller a bit difficult! But I had too much to carry to use the sling, diaper bag and all. I got three cotton yarns that I hope to successfully make socks out of.
First, the blue Baby Georgia

And the Lagoon Purl Two

Last, but my favorite, is the Hanora.

This is my first handspun of any significant yardage, worked up into fingerless gloves with a bit of Lion Brand chenille to finish it off, since I didn't have enough of just handspun. I am really happy with these!


  1. This looked a lot better pre posting. I will not be using that photo format again!

  2. Try out Picasa - it's free from Google.


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