Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rewashable Felted Wool Crocheted Dish Scrubber - Free Pattern!

Tired of tossing away plastic dish scrubbers or ignoring how gross and germy they cetainly are? This felted wool scrubber is easy to make and can be washed with your towels over and over again! Its one little way to Reduce and Reuse. :)

See how little yarn this took? This is what I had left over from my Patons Classic Wool skein when I made a soaker for my son. The hook is a 5mm crochet hook.

1. Chain 17 loosely. SC in 2nd st from hook, SC across for 16 total sts.

2. Ch 1, turn, SC across. Repeat until you have 26 rows.
3. Finish off, weave in ends.
4. Felt it! Note on felting crochet: Crochet shrinks more widthwise (the direction you work the stitches) than lengthwise (the direction the project builds). Hand felting generally does not work nearly as good as machine felting. I just put this in my load of towels when done, a hot wash cold rinse with soap, and tumble dried on medium. :)

Before Felting

After Felting

It may keep getting smaller and thicker as you wash it more, but that is ok because the denser the better for scrubbing!


  1. I think we have a crochet booklet for different dishcloth patterns. I love the one I have for 16 different knit patterns.

    It's nice to have the cotton cloth ones to wash your dishes with.

    Bobbie has a pattern somewhere on her blog for dryer balls using felted yarn. She swears by them for getting static out of your clothes in the dryer and you then don't have to have dryer sheets.

  2. The pattern I made is sized/designed to replace the sponge scrubbers (3"x5-6"). I still need to make myself some cotton dishcloths, I used to give those away as wedding gifts, and have not made any for myself!


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