Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers' Day at Black Sheep Gathering

sheep 096adj, originally uploaded by Ashley Martineau.

We had a great time at BSG after worship! I felt bad we went to a me-thing on Fathers' Day, but we planned it before I knew and it was the only day we could go. I liked seeing everything (though we ran out of time to see the alpacas and stuff), B and J enjoyed the sheep. I am thinking a county fair is in our future, since J loves animals so much. :) There were some really cool breeds there, like Jacob sheep that have 2 or even 4 horns! I had some frugal fun. I got 4 oz of undyed merino roving for $4, 4.5 oz of brown mohair locks for $5.69, a spindle for $7.50, a plummy naturally dyed wool/alpaca blend yarn that should be enough for a pair of socks for under $7, and two sets of double-point needles for what you would expect to pay for them. I missed out on the T-shirts because I didn't realize where they were until the end and then didn't realize it was my last chance. So I have no t-shirt from my first fiber festival. :( Maybe at OFFF, or I could just get a cute Ravelry one instead. :) My friend who we went with, Ashley, shared a little of her fleeces with me so I could practice working with wool at that stage. ( :D thank you! ) I had fun. :)

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  1. I LOVE the picture of B and J! What a great pic for his baby book!


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