Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wool Comb thingy, Mohair Bear hat, and stuff

I have been interested in the fiber prep side of spinning as well, but was not going to invest a lot into that. But when my fiber loving friend ( gave me bits of her fleeces to try out to see if I like it, an idea rolling around in my head became more useful sounding. I don't know if you would call this a flicker, comb, carder, or what, but last night B made for me this:

It used to be the wood part of a worn out bellows, but a little drilling and nailing later (thanks to my DH), it is a fiber tool! B will make the second one for me soon. free bellows + $3 in nails = 2 tools. Awesome. I tested it out last night on the fleece, and despite my lame first-time fleece washing that left the wool a teensy bit felted, it helped fluff it up a LOT! :D :D :D

Other projects of note:
Teddy Heddy - mohair I spun on my Ashford spindle and crocheted into a teddy bear hat for a baby girl due in July.

Sonnet sweater, pattern by Kristi Porter found at, going to be sleeveless for summer if I finish it in time! Ahhh, I love how this is turning out! The yarn is just some Bernat Satin I got on clearance at Michaels, but it doesn't look cheap in this sweater. :)

Close up shot

Here is the mohair locks from BSG spun into the yarn that became the hat

Froggy Hat! For a HAL in the Ravelry group Hats!Hats!Hats!

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  1. OH, I hope you get this in time! There's a spinning wheel listed in a garage sale in Aloha; here's what it says on craigslist:

    Spinning wheel, portable hot tub, sewing machine, 4 track recorder, coffee/end tables, wine rack, lamps, linens, kitchen items, kids stuff, misc household items.

    4750 SW 208th CT, Aloha

    Follow signs off TV highway. South on 209th, turn left on Stoddard just before bridge construction.

    Hours are 9 to 5
    Friday 6/26 and Saturday 6/27


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