Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sick baby

He seems like he is on the upswing, but a gut monster is still bothering him. No vomit, but until a couple of days ago he was feverish. :( Pedialyte, probiotics, and stool bulking foods are the nurse's orders, and I am hoping they help. I am bummed he doesn't feel good, just one of the many reasons being I want to go to spinning tomorrow my first week with my new wheel, but even though he is getting better, I don't think he'd allow me to put him in his pack n play for long.

Sigh. I have lots of questions about producing and selling hanspun. Right now I am spinning some chocolate brown natural alpaca from Tactile, and I am in loooove. But I have questions like what alpaca is best suited for. I am spinning it laceweight for the singles, but was thinking of doing a 2-ply with it ( I only have 3 bobbins ) to get fingering weight. Would it be suitable for dress socks? It is heavenly soft for next-t0-skin. I plan on selling it if it turns out salesworthy so I can reinvest in new fiber to spin for sale and replace the alpaca with more for myself at OFFF. And I have selling etiquette questions. I may try to go tomorrow if he keeps improving today.

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  1. I hope your bub feels better by Saturday so you can go to Spinnerati and show off your new wheel!!!


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