Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spin like a Pirate/garage sale

Arrr, today was International Talk Like A Pirate Day and Worldwide Spin in Public Day, and we war host house for a benefit garage sale this weekend, so you can guess what this post will be about! The sale benefitted a family whose son has cancer, and the sale went quite well! The spin in public e'ent at the ci'ic center in Hillsboro was fun, e'en though I only got t' stay for an hour, shiver me timbers! Me met more spinner/dyer/fiber-lo'in' people, got a fabulous goodie bag o' fiber samples, and chatted a bit. Then I bought organic crookneck squash at the farmer's market on my way t' my car. Me scored 5 large squash for $1, shiver me timbers! Then I went back home t' work the sale more. In the pirate spirit, I translated this post usin' the translator at
try it and enjoy, shiver me timbers!

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