Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My ETSY has stuff for sale now! Only 7 items so far, more needs to be added yet, and I haven't finished with Paypal setup yet, but I decided not to wait for that. Check me out at www.yarnsandstorys.etsy.com !

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My teensy little fiber stash...

This is all I have left of ready to spin stash, two fluffs from Bobbie, and my WWSIP samples (minus the Abstract Fiber samples, which I have already spun and made into a wheel oil purse cozy that hangs from my tensioner knob). Some might find this sad, but I find this motivation to get all this ready to spin...

meat sheep fleece


and small fluff of another meat sheep fleece. Oh, and the other almost 5 fleeces yet to be washed. So next on my agenda: Finish making wool combs, then buy animal brushes for wool cards for the time being, then get fluffing. I might even make myself a diz to make rovings. Lots of work ahead before I can spin much more!