Monday, February 22, 2010

Moneyday - Baby and the Bathwater

So this is about the most crazy tightwad idea I think I have come up with of late, probably because I have been reading the compilation of the Tightwad Gazette Cindy loaned me. So here it is: once you have bathed your baby, don't throw out the baby OR the bathwater. Assuming your baby was not covered in mud, gallons of mucus, or a spaghetti dinner, or was taken out of their diaper at a not-so-great time, that water is probably not really dirty. And, it has baby wash in it. I had an aha! moment. I wash my delicates in baby wash. Babies don't like really hot water and by the time you take them out it is about the temperature of a warm wash, so it shouldn't be too hot for most hand wash items. So next time the boy gets a bath, so will my wool sweaters/socks/slippers/etc. in order of increasing dirtiness. I may add a little soap, but probably not much. Then I will throw it out. Water is fairly cheap here, so the savings are minimal, but this also saves work setting up for two washings in one, so to me it is still worthwhile. And if Jonathan is nasty, I will pass that time. :)

Call me crazy, but it sounds good in my head.

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