Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wheel progress, yarn, shawl, hat, yeah I am a bad updater.

Wheel parts and progress:

Hardware, leather, lazy susan for my source of rotation without excess friction

My wheel and whorl pieces cut out! I made my wheel out of 3 separate rounds, the center one 1/2" smaller. My diameter is 16", and my ratios are approx. 2:1, 4:1, and 6:1

My wheel and whorl, glued together and wood finished green! Also, the footman, two stir sticks gl;ued together.

My bobbin, a wire spool, 10.5" long and in diameter. My flyer/orifice, 1.5" PVC
Making progress! Trying to be done by early July. heh heh.

Stitchjones Handpainted Rambouillet Roving in Her Majesty, 4 ounces, 484 yards, spun on Scarlett Ruby. 

Shawl out of more Stitchjones roving, this is baby alpaca in the Plum Tree colorway. 268yds/4oz. Complete with photobaby. : )

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret in Malabrigo worsted, color Stonechat, have 88yds left to do the fingerless glove pattern that For Yarn's Sake gave with yarn to me one time.

So, that is some of what I have been up to! Until next time, may your whorls and needles fly, your family be well, and all that jazz. :)