Monday, November 1, 2010

Diaper Liberation Front

Jonathan is a smart boy. Sometimes a bit of an evil genius, I think. My overactive imagination thinks he is organizing an underground self-potty training mom-terrorism movement. I hope he is the only member so far. :) Why would I think this? Well, I need something to explain why my sweet little boy has started to try to change his poopy diapers by himself, or finding random places to take his diaper off and pee or poop. So far we have his bed, on top of his 2 foot tall bookshelf, and on a kitchen table chair. Is it because I am ignoring him telling me he needs to go? No, he gets really quiet and tried to sneak it. "I did it!" is one of his favorite phrases, and he wants to be a big boy all on his own. So I am going to have to teach him how to use the potty ASAP if I want to retain my sanity. I have gotten him to pee in the Bjorn potty twice, but he seems to think the little potty is a silly game. He seems more interested in doing things like big people, so I may have to get a seat to attach to the big potty in order to get him to consistently use it. And a stool so he can reach the man way if he insists. I kind of hope he is fine with sitting at first, since he is so short as to make it difficult and I'd rather leave that training to daddy at first. This will be fun!!!! (AAAAaaaaaahhh!) And he is so skinny I will have to buy undies online from EC sites to get his size! Let's hope this ends in peaceful negotiations. :)