Tuesday, March 15, 2011

County Fair Shawl, Carding, and my FIRST WOVEN RUG!

My finished Haruni, done for the county fair as part of a group doing the same shawl to test the judge's eye. I mainly joined in just for fun and to challenge myself. Two years ago, all I knew how to knit was garter stitch rectangles. :) I posted everything I could remember that was helpful in my Ravelry notes.

Not the best pic of it or me, but gives an idea of the size. I hope to get a better pic soon. :)

Hugest batt I have seen! I carded this natural grey mohair with my friend's Louet carder this weekend, and came up with a whopping 8.98 ounces! Thanks to Bob for cranking the crank while I fluffed the locks a little. :)

A more playful batt, colorwise. It is 2.86 oz of meat sheep wool and firestar, both of which I had dyed. I spun it up (no pic yet)into 50 yards of fun! :)

The rug! I took a rug weaving class with my mom, sister, and friend Ashley (neauveau fiber arts) from Elsie of Elsie's Discount Roving (formerly Custom Coverups). Her studio is just north of Depoe Bay. It was a full class at 4 students. It was about $60 for the class, supplies, and lunch. Class was from 9-4, or shorter if you finish sooner. My rug is about 32" x 60" and made out of Pendleton Woolen Mills selvedge strips. :) I think this was a great deal, especially with the little bit hands-on experience that will guide my future loom buying/making decisions. I really enjoyed this and highly recommend the class!