Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Overdue Update

Wow. A lot has happened since my last post! My second son was born, another safe homebirth. He is a happy, sweet baby. :) I entered the fair, getting 13 ribbons on my 17 entries, 3 blue. The blue were in knit baby hat, knit baby sweater, and crocheted adult hat. My shawl got nothing but I expected that, as there are many better shawl knitters than I. My husband got me a guitar from Goodwill for ten bucks. It sounded fine but needed a facelift pretty badly. So I decoupaged some nice 1950s music to it and put black enamel on the neck and head of it. Under twenty dollars and I now have a sweet guitar. I am currently designing a suede slipper top pattern. So far it is going well. I also have a drum carder now, and after some practice I am feeling ready to make batts to sell on Etsy. And I have another new tool, my HTC Thunderbolt smartphone. I like it a ton. It is helping me get more done in less time and I am able to easily update stuff while caring for my children. I am posting from it now. I will test posting a pic with one of my guitar pics and let you go on to greater things.