Friday, January 25, 2013

To Be, Or Not To Be?

I have been contemplating things as a new year begins. One thing I have been thinking about is the direction I want to go with my Etsy shop. It has never been a big money maker because I seldom have time to keep over 20 items in it, and with lack of selection comes lack of sales. My reasons have been good, though. I am a wife, and making my marriage strong matters more. I am a mom, and caring for my children well matters more. I am a homemaker, and my housekeeping, cooking, budgeting, shopping, and organizing matters more. Plus, we just bought a new house this last summer, remodeled it, and the projects and settling in are far from done. And I now am expecting our third child in the summer.

So, what to do with that Etsy? What to do with the networking and connections and friendships in fiber arts I have made? Basically, I will refocus. Instead of my grand plans to load up my shop, get going as a legitimate competitive seller, and even get going on a book for patterns designed to make the most of handspun yarns of all kinds, I am deferring that (for something else, more in a bit). For all of 2013, I plan to add nothing to the shop. I KNOW I will not produce enough this year to make it worth my while to try to build my business and to do all the necessary taxes and licensing and paperwork.

What will I do? I plan to still share. Share ideas, share neat books and patterns and tutorials I find. Maybe share a free pattern now and then. Share photos of what I am working on. And share non-fiber arts things too. I may insert a post here and there about a household tip or recipe, about motherhood, about life. But I hope to make this blog over from an afterthought to somewhere that you can visit for inspiration, encouragement, and friendship. So, please visit and comment on the posts I make with more and related ideas, share the info and love, and have a wonderful 2013!

Robyn Story