Monday, March 4, 2013

Of Yarn Shops, Goodwill Outlet, and Gardens

The last few days have been busy in a nice way. I did some fun things I will share with you all.

Thursday was the first day of the Rose City Yarn Crawl. My sister volunteered to watch my boys so I could have a fun shopping day with Mom. We started just after noon, and made it to six nice shops before dinnertime: For Yarn's Sake, the Knitting Bee, Kathy's Knit Corner, Pearl Fiber Arts, Knit Purl, and Twisted. Of those, the only one neither of us bought something at was Knit Purl, but they did have yarns I really liked, I was just saving money for something I wanted at Twisted. We also stopped at a local pizza chain for a late lunch, Pizza Schmizza, which has tasty New York style pizza and fun ecclectic decor. Here is my take from the crawl:

My crawl bag, with pins from the six shops I got to.
Alexandra's Crafts spinning fiber, 50% merino, 25% silk, 25% bamboo. Mom bought this for me at Pearl Fiber Arts as part of her payment for some knitting I did for her. She wanted to pay me in fiber, and how could I object???

Plymouth Yarns Boku I bought from Kathy's Knit Corner. 95% wool 5% silk. It was on her clearance wall, so it was only $3 a skein! $12 for a fall sweater for my toddler. I think it is striping like Noro.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Victoria in color Dark Shadows, I bought at Twisted. It is a little more teal than in the photo. 661 yards of South American Polwarth! Hoping to get a sweater out of this, maybe a bottom up raglan style so I can do an accent yoke if I do run low on yarn.

Teresa Ruch Designs handdyed rayon boucle' my mom bought for me at For Yarn's Sake. She had a trunk show there, and this photo cannot tell you how vivid and shiny this yarn is!!! 262 yards, probably will become a shawlette or poncho I think.

Squire Country Crafts wooden 1.5" buttons out of lodgepole pine, $1.50 each at Twisted!

Midnight Oils lavender rose soap Mom got for me when she got herself some, made by a local company using local lavender oil! He was a vendor at Kathy's Knit Corner.

~fiber foto finish~

On Friday I rested and enjoyed being a SAHM and did some fibery reading. My mind was full of yarny ideas, so that night I spun this batt I made on my drum carder by randomly adding bits of stuff as I had time over about 2-3 months:

with a yarn I had dyed, into this:

Saturday I picked up my Frontier co-op order. One of these months my shea butter will be in stock! lol. but I did get my Bronner's soap, Honeybee Gardens eyeshadow and mascara, Burt's Bees tinted lip balm, and Suncoat nail polish. Decided even though I threw out my old old Avon and Clinique and Mary Kay when I went more natural that a little natural eye and lip stuff now and then still sounds fun. No more foundation for me, though, my skin is healthier without it. After that, My 4 year old son and I hit the Goodwill Outlet. If you've never been to one, it is a cross between a regular Goodwill and dumpster diving. Ha! It is a bunch of big bins in the middle you dig through to find your buried treasure. Most of it you buy by the pound, really cheap. Bedding, clothes, toys, random junk, etc. Then there are a few things priced as marked, like furniture and bikes and stuff. I got some clothing, most of which ended up fitting (yay! You can't really try on there), a genuine suede jacket originally from Nordstrom and still having the tag from Goodwill retail for $20 for me, a corduroy blazer for my husband, a stuffed dinosaur for my boys, a pair of Western Chief boots with the rubber steel toe lowers and the leather upper parts, and a bench and chair that match for my deck that just need new cushions. About 21 lbs. for $1.39/lb. and the two patio pieces came to $25, making my grand total about $51. Score!

Ignore the scrap chimney, but these are in good shape, just need the cushions replaced.

The way cool dinosaur!

My suede jacket! My first leather jacket of any kind.

Sunday we worshipped with our church family, and once my family (who worships with us) came over after lunch, I got gardening. I planted two pink lemonade blueberries and about 30 ranunculus bulbs (the package lied). Hoping they take well! I also learned that if you can't stand wearing gloves, take off your rings before using tools. If you need convinced, I can show you my blisters. I felt good and terrible after all that work, and was well able to go to bed much sooner than my usual last night. The terrible being my wrists and hands, I find it all too easy to give myself a repetitive stress injury in my wrists. I probably am doomed to carpal tunnel or arthritis, with my tiny wrists and the fact I have had problems since I was about 9. But the rest of me felt like I got a good workout. It is one month today after I miscarried, and I am glad that my body is healed enough to work without more than my usual repercussions.

Bringing some color to the front of the house!
I can't wait to see what these are like!
What will this week hold? Well, definitely laundry. And dishes. Probably some more yarn spinning and planting of things. Hopefully a make up date since we didn't do Valentine's Day. And lots of family love and little man snuggles. And hopefully the first half of Doctor Who season 7 discs will arrive. :)