Thursday, August 15, 2013

Love, Sandwiches, and K-Drama

An abrupt change of topic here, because I am not really ready to post anything more about my health saga, largely because I don't know any more yet. Hopefully September will bring something to light. In the meantime, a post about the serious and frivolous things I am doing.

Part of my intentions for this summer was to improve our food spending as well as eating healthier. I am making baby steps in this area, and one of my early focuses has been packing lunch for my husband. And here is my confession: I have been packing him a lunch for every day out of the house since last Monday save one, and that is the longest streak I have had in our 5 1/2 year marriage of doing so. Which means he has had to eat out almost every weekday lunch of our marriage.

This makes me sad, probably a lot moreso than him. He enjoys healthy food if tasty, but he really likes "grub" and junk food too, having been a bachelor for 35 years before I joined him in this life adventure. But I've long wanted to do this for him, especially since having breakfast together is not important to him. The reasons for not doing it seem paltry now that I am doing it. He didn't like the bread to get moist from the mayo if I did it ahead, and he gets up sooner most days than I do, since I need more sleep of the two of us, so I didn't want to get up in the morning to do it. Basically it came down to a mild pickiness on his side and a decent amount of laziness on mine.

How did it change? Determination, and feeling convicted that I ought to be doing better. Convicted to act out of love more than self. Convicted to be a helper more suitable to him and the life he leads and the work he does. Convicted to do a better job taking care of the one I love in the ways that fell to my responsibility. Desiring to show love to my husband in a tangible way. After all, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. ;)

How is it working out? I do mainly make the sandwiches of varying sorts the night before, but so far, since I am packing him lunch with fun sides and accompaniments, he isn't complaining. When I forgot to do so the night before, I got up when he did, made it while he got ready, kissed him goodbye, and went back to bed. The average lunch takes me 10-20 minutes to prepare, depending on things like if there is cheese already sliced or if I am going with something more simple or complex. So, I stay up 15 minutes later, and he gets a fun, hopefully more healthy lunch. Why didn't I do this sooner? He also made comment that he feels fuller lately for some reason. Hmmm...


Korean Drama review: Scent of a Woman

I watched this series on Netflix, and I really enjoyed it. The story is about a 34 year old woman, Lee Yeon Jae, who discovers she has terminal cancer and tries to figure out how to spend her remaining days.

The male lead character, Kang Ji Wook, and second, Choi Eun Suk, are both really good, though the lead male has a hint of dead fish to his neutral expression. Yet when he emotes he does so well, in my opinion. The second goes from kind of a porcupine personality to someone you really admire and feel for. The second female, Im Se Kyeong, is an interesting character, wavering between scum of the earth and someone you feel compassion for. The mother is loving but occasionally sharp, and her story is an enjoyable part of the series. The best friend is very sweet, though her morality seems a bit inconsistent late in the series. "Ramses" is a funny element in the story.

The story itself was moving, as a story of dying well done would be. I don't tend to be a crier, but between my hormones and the touching scenes of grief in the process, I cried fairly often. Aigoo! I thought the pacing was the best of any of the series I have watched. The acting was decent, the English phrases sparse and not too embarrassingly bad, but then with the tango, they introduced botched Spanish that was rather amusing to me, haha! My only beef with the story is there should have been a third wedding. It seems like it would have completed things and make sense given the devotion of the couple, yet it never even came up, much less happened. Boo. But overall, the thought provoking nature and sweetness of the series makes it worth the watch, to me.

Content warnings, for those who mind: Toward the end of the 13th episode, there is clothed foreplay and a wakeup afterward scene. You know what happened but don't see it. You can fast forward through it easily. It does do a flashback of waking together early in the next episode, number 14. There is talk of moving in together, and it happens in the last episode, though not much is shown about it. One person, who was condemning of adultery, gets pregnant out of wedlock and rushes her wedding. There are tango classes and performances, so occasionally notable tango moves show up. Modesty is an issue, lots of thigh seen, an episode or two with swimwear, and flirty tango outfits on occasion. That all said, it is largely clean, with little language in the subtitles, and the society there in general seems to have more reserve in sensuality than our own.


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